Digital Garden

A personal internet space containing my personal wiki of some loosely knit thoughts, ideas, learnings, and work. Some are as fresh as a sapling, while others are being tendered into flowers but some remain to be forever blooming and evergreen.

🌱 Sapling🌻 Flowering🌳 Evergreen
Why this works?
Web Performance Vitals
Minimalistic vs Intuitive
The Jio Revolution
Drop in audio
Over the Top
Digital Wellbeing and Self-care Apps
The Kirana Tech
DEV-inci Code for Design
Github Copilot & Infringement
Recommend like Netflix
Startegize like Starbucks
Scihub: The Genie for Researchers
Swiping as a Strategy
Privacy by Design
PhonePe Pulse: Unleashing the payments data firehose